Mike Carroll - Author
 To believe in the survival of the human consciousness beyond death is thought by many to be based on faith alone, but I would contend there is plenty of evidence to suggest our human emotional connections of this earthly life simply transform into spiritual emotional connections in the afterlife.   In fact, the whispers of inspiration, guidance, and warnings to beware, that reach us every day of our lives are not random bits of information we grabbed from thin air, but are indeed gifts from loved ones who share within our thoughts, images, and emotions.  In short, since our beginning there has always been a pathway to send and receive from one soul to another; all it takes is an awareness which is then transformed into an action.  I am going to share with you in this book what those connections have meant to me in the experiences of my life, and what they can mean to you as you tune into the bonds that are never broken.  I hope as you read The Whispers, you pause, stare off in a daydream, and then listen. There they are………..
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About the book "The Whispers"
Your soul walks this earth asleep until that moment when you are consciously aware of your true purpose as a contributor to the life stories of everyone on the planet.  You then realize everything you encounter in this life, from the joys to the struggles which block your path, are in fact collective experiences designed to be shared with a fellow soul traveler.
Listen with confidence that what is being shared in the random flashes of your mind comes from positive intent.  Our links with those who have passed only grow stronger when they are released from their bodies.  What they wish for you is a joyful life; an experience where understanding and sharing guides the decisions you make.  It’s exactly what you will wish when it is your turn.
We never learn more than when we are completely silent; choosing to listen for transcendent advice, and waiting until we understand what we don’t yet know.  Our best actions are always the most thoughtful and the most deliberate.
It is grace that ignites our compassionate thinking; grace that flows through our loving intentions; and it is grace that sustains our desire to comfort, protect, and nurture the souls we hold dear.  Grace, in all its magnificence, is the life force of our Creator, and it is why we are breathing at this very moment.
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